Meet the Togglers

Who are we?  Meet The Daily Toggle team.

Jennifer Lane, Co-Founder and Editor of Fun

Jennifer Lane

Transpogeek, home brewer, bourbon drinker, F1 fan, and MINI owner. Jenn has a Master of Fine Arts in Non-Profits and worked for a variety of institutions before leaving the field to make a profit. She has worked in a variety of marketing and PR positions and dreams to one day make a living by drinking bourbon while brewing beer and watching F1.

Her interests include washing cars and coordinating fun with PhillyMINI (for whom she serves as a Deputy Prime MINIster). She currently is on her third MINI, a ’13 Coupe S named Felix. It’s Midnight Black with a black roof and black stripes, black wheels, blacked-out trim, and tinted windows. She lives just outside Philly in a two-MINI household with her boyfriend, Matt.

James Day, Co-Founder and Chief Spell-Checker

James Day

James is an academic librarian, MINI owner, book and computer geek, and Oxford comma user.  A Mini enthusiast since at least 1993 when he spotted them in London, he has owned three MINIs since 2003.  His current MINIs are a 2004 JCW MINI Cooper and a 2012 MINI John Cooper Works Coupe.  His dream car is a 2000 Mini Cooper Sport 500.

He was a founding member and website administrator of Sunshine MINIs and their annual Mickey & MINI meet.  Since 2005, he has been the head librarian at the Library of Motoring.  His newest venture with his partner Lori Griffin is rfiftyone, an online shop for fun MINI shirts and decals.

Ryan McClune, Co-Founder and Club Corner Coordinator

Ryan McClune

Ryan is a 1s and 0s (as in computer bits) “shipper”. With two decades in the industry, his primary focus is to provide and enhance communications solutions. In short, Ryan is a geek with a propensity to build things that let people talk to each other. Ever wondered how the Internet or your smartphone work? Don’t ask Ryan unless you’re willing to spend an entire weekend talking about how your smartphone or Internet work.

Ryan has been a MINI owner since 2008 and an enthusiast since 2002. He lives in Washington State with his fiancée Tracey and, together, they own a Coupe S, a Cooper S, and a GP2. Previously, as a Philadelphia resident, he was an active member of PhillyMINI and now serves as President of Puget Sound MINI Motoring Club (PSMINI). Ryan’s second passion (or maybe first) is getting MINIs together for the love of the motor.

Nigel A. Cooper, Contributing Curmudgeon

Nigel A. Cooper

Nigel is a 2002 Mini Cooper born on a rainy Monday in November 2001 in Oxford, England.  He is Silk Green with a White roof and wheels and is quite proud of his chrome.  He comes from a long line of English motorcars, his ancestors were Minis from Longbridge.  His uncle was even tuned by John Cooper himself.  Always teased as “Justacooper” in his youth, Nigel’s a bit defensive of his perceived diminutive stature.

He currently writes the monthly “Grumpy Old MINI” column here at The Daily Toggle, but past writing jobs included freelance work for MINIInternational and MiniWorld and a regular column for the British tabloid The Sun.  He lists his professional idols as Ebenezer Scrooge and Andy Rooney.  He kindly requests that you remain off his lane.