The Best of Club Corner

Club-CornerOver the past two years The Daily Toggle has posted some helpful articles for administrators of MINI clubs.  We covered organizational issues such as creating a Club Handbook and setting up your club legally.  We also covered operational topics such as conducting club elections and planning a fun rally.

Here is the best of Club Corner.

Why Your Club Should Have a Handbook

Having a clearly written Club Handbook allows new members to know immediately what you’re about and keeps the goals of the club laser focused for success.  In this article, Ryan helps get you started.

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How-To Elections Made Easy With BallotBin

Ryan discussed club elections and suggests a great tool for managing online voting.  He walks you through setting up BallotBin literally step-by-step.  If you missed this the first time, go back and have a read.


Read How-To Elections Made Easy With BallotBin.

Establish Your MINI Club as a 501(c)7

Many Mini and MINI clubs are still informal groups with no real structure and organization.  But if your club will be generating and spending money, you’ll want to set up your club as a non-profit corporation.  In addition, some venues where you might want to hold club events may require liability insurance, which may then require you hold a policy in the business entity’s name.  In this article we discuss what paperwork needs to be filed in order to establish your club as a 501(c)7.

Form 1024

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The Rally Master Handbook

In this fun and practical article, Jennifer shares PhillyMINI’s Rally Master Handbook to show the process of building a rally. She covers creating the rules, route, route sheets, goody bags, swag, liability waivers, and sign-in sheets.  The article lists tips for creating a safe rally.

Rally Handbook

Read The Rally Master Handbook.

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